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「人もお金も引き寄せる 伝え方の魔法」読みました。(2017年5冊目) "The magic of how to attract and attract people and money" was read. (5th year of 2017)


人もお金も引き寄せる 伝え方の魔法

人もお金も引き寄せる 伝え方の魔法

























I can hardly remember when I learned "communication art" at school.


As I read this book, I think communication is important as I think that there are subjects for studying communication skills at school since I was a child.


I am proud that communication has improved considerably compared with my old self, as I have been pointed out by business superiors from around us or having read these books of kind carefully.


Although it is also written in this book, many of the people with poor communication tend to tell the story centering on "myself".


It was the same with my old self.


As a result of having talked about only about myself, what is the other's asking for? I could not grasp it well and the contents to be talked about with MTG did not progress at all. . .


It was a bitter experience but I think it was a good opportunity to grow if I think now.


Before talking with your opponent, you must always keep an antenna on "what other people think". When it gets better, you can understand even if you do not say "I want you to do such a reaction" from the other party, and you can react appropriately.


Reading this book changes the words that we are unconsciously speaking each day, just changing your mind will change the effect considerably.


For a while until you make it a habit, it is important to check the method written in this book as a checklist and make sure you can use it thoroughly

❏ Do you feel special when you do something?
❏ Are you listening to the topics of the other's hobbies?
❏ Do not talk about yourself
Example: Eating a delicious dish at a shop and telling that to a clerk
× "It was very delicious" (myself)
○ "Thank you for making great food" (About the partner)
❏ Many people say "myself" over themselves. Identify the feelings of the opponent
· ① impossible ask once to raise the hurdle
· ② Impossible asking first for the opponent
❏ Tell a story instead of a number
❏ Prioritize relationships over relationships
❏ Let the other party tell the answer (dare not tell the core part)
❏ Ask questions such that the other party can not say No
❏ Do not let the brains get bored with the "Q & A Law"
❏ Write a sentence with a feeling of familiarity at the beginning of each day



人もお金も引き寄せる 伝え方の魔法

人もお金も引き寄せる 伝え方の魔法