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「お金の流れでわかる世界の歴史 富、経済、権力・・・・・・はこう「動いた」」読みました。(2017年9冊目)"History and wealth of the world understood by the flow of money, economy, power ... · · · · · · · · ·" (9th year of 2017)






























Is the author's work the third one?

It's interesting so I started to read well.

As a point of view, I am considering the background of the history, money, or economy.


There were also many reference books, and I got the impression that the backing up survey was firmly in place.

So, I nodded naturally in the contents written.


I think the table of contents is excellent in this book. The next is a part of the table of contents, but does not appeal?


· Tax collecting system supporting the prosperity of Egypt
· Why Jews are strong in finance from long ago
· "Soft political and economic policy" by Genghis Khan
· Black slaves were almost bought by black people
· Queen Elizabeth who made goods with pirates and slave trade
· Rothschild family who moved the world
· America's danger of having 70% of the world's money

In fact, as you open the page and read it, it's also written in a concise and easy to understand You can proceed to read Don Dong.

In the posts,

"In strong countries, fiscal systems, tax collection systems, etc. are well-established,
The country tilts when the wealthy people make privileges and escape taxes, and that's where they will go after the middle class. "


It seems that it is.


In connection with that, about Tax Haven which also became a temporary news

"As a result of tax escape promoted in the Cayman Islands where wealthy people and large companies in developed countries were tax havens,

It is getting stricter than the middle class. "


This situation sounds a warning that historically the country is in a state of danger of leaning and this book is closed.


When learning history, there are various perspectives such as war and politics
I read and understand this book that the viewpoint of money (economy) is a strong argument.


It is recommended.