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「あらゆる領収書を経費で落とす! - 「金持ち社長」に学ぶ禁断の蓄財術」読みました。(2017年17冊目) "We drop down all receipts with expenses! - We have forbidden accumulation techniques learned from" Rich President "I have read. (17th year of 2017)





















"When entertainers start to sell, they make a company"
Why does the entertainer make a company, the biggest objective is to save taxes.


This book introduces possible tax duties by launching a company.


As impressions, it is said that even clothing, shelters and dwellers can be expensed, but I understood that the way of thinking of expenses is different between the president of SMEs and others.


I think that it is convenient to know when you set up a company.

Is the president of a small company pretty well done what is written in this book?



· Difference between company profit and individual business profit

· Why is second-handed Benz tax cut?

· Tax of salaried workers with annual salary of 10 million yen is less than 1/10