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「1駅1題 新TOEIC TEST文法特急 」読みました。(2017年19冊目)"1 station 1 title new TOEIC TEST grammar limited express" I have read. (19th year of 2017)

1駅1題  新TOEIC TEST文法特急

1駅1題 新TOEIC TEST文法特急




















・at all times = always



・be committed to の toは前置詞なので後ろには名詞や動名詞などが付く



・S be to do = be going to do = 〜する方向に向かっている




For those who want to understand fundamental grammar this book is quite recommended.


When I solved the problem, I realized that there are still a number of problems that I solve somehow with "sense".


I understand that this is "what is the intended problem?" If you understand even the solution method I think that the correct answer rate will improve considerably.


By the way, I thought that classification of questions can be solved in two largely as I understand.

I want to quickly solve what I could judge as a micro problem and earn time.


1. Micro problems (problems that can be judged only by words before and after the blank)
A part of speech
· Word & vocabulary (There are some problems that can not be judged unless you look macros)


2. Macro problem (problem to be judged from the whole problem sentence)
· Tense A conjunction
· State (active / passive)
· Vocabulary & Vocabulary (There are some problems that can be judged microscopically)



· At all times = always

· There is a preposition of of before blank space
⇒ Motion nouns and nouns come
· It is short with a comma right after blank
⇒ Do not need a grammatical function that takes an object in the blank

· Participants include modifiers that combine the functions of adjectives and conjunctions
⇒ You can qualify a noun not only from the front but also from the back

· Be committed to is a preposition, so it is followed by a noun, a moving noun etc.

⇒ Grammar problems lead to correct answers for logical reasons

· When selecting a noun, turn consciousness to an article or -s

· S be to do = be going to do