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「同時通訳者が教える 英語雑談の全技術 」読みました。(2017年21冊目)I have read "All skills of English chat teaching by a simultaneous interpreter". (21st in 2017)


同時通訳者が教える 英語雑談の全技術

同時通訳者が教える 英語雑談の全技術










 How should I address you?
・What do you do ?(あなたの仕事はなんですか?の意味mある)
・出身地は遠回しに聞く(Where are you from?はNG)
  →Have you lived there for a long time?

 ・何かオススメはありますか?(Do you have any recommendations?)
 →Yesばかりではなく、Is that so?などを使ってみる


 Tell me some about it!

・Sorry, I didn’t mean to.(ごめんね。わざとじゃなかったんだ)

 ・I wonder if you can (あなたにはできるかな?)
 ・I’ve never thought about it.(確かにその通りだね)




Because I would like to be able to take communication with foreign people in English,
I wanted to learn the rules and tips of the way of speaking necessary for that, so I read this book.


As a comment, there was a place where the communication between Japanese people was also familiar, and it was fun to have new discoveries that there are completely different things.


Nonetheless, I think that it is okay if I read this book, but I am practicing it.
So I am thinking that I would like to jump into a community where there is a hobby, a job and a foreigner, and I want to talk with you.


1. Techniques to introduce yourself in English
· Look at the other's eyes, shake hands and say the name of the opponent
· Know when a mister will be disrespectful
When confirming to the other party whether or not to call
How should I address you?
Say that
· What do you do? (There is meaning of your work?)
· Where are you from? (Where are you from? Is NG)
→ Have you lived there for a long time?
· Avoid talks about religion and politics
· Talk with awareness of ageism
· Do not deprive yourself (even if allowed in Japan)
· Shake hands gently

2. Technology to bring out stories in English
· Do you have any recommendations? (Do you have any recommendations?)
· Learn cultural differences of gestures
→ In Japan it casually caresses the head of a child, but in Islamic countries it violates manner. Same for Thailand
→ In Japan, when you say No. you shake hands to the left and right in front of the face, but in the English-speaking world meaning of gestures of smell
· Hit back
→ Try using not only Yes but Is that so?

3. Technology to chat in English
· Chat before a serious story

4. Expanding the story in English
· Tell me more
Tell me some about it!

5. Technology that leaves good impression in English
· Sorry, I did not mean to. (I'm sorry, I was not on purpose)

6. One phrase that can be used in chat
· I wonder if you can (Can you do it?)
· I've never thought about it. (Surely that's right)