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「習慣の力 」読みました。(2017年22冊目)I read "the power of customs". (22nd in 2017)

習慣の力 The Power of Habit

習慣の力 The Power of Habit




























第1部 個人の習慣

第2部 成功する企業の習慣

第3部 社会の技術




I was interested in "power of custom" as the title and tried it in my hands.


It is nice to have a lot of cases introduced, as it is a thick book, but there were many places that I felt redundant.


People who do not have time at first, Epilog, if you are interested, I think that you can understand the summary by reading Starbucks.


I am doing futsal every weekend for more than five years, but taking it as an example
The mechanism to become a habit is made by repeating the following three times many times.


<Analysis of futsal habitualization>

"Trigger": Every weekend morning
"Routine": Participate in individual futsal
"Reward": desire for endorphin secretion and achievement


Especially when reward is important, in my case, I feel that the sense of accomplishment when I was able to do a good play never fades over anything repeatedly, so I think that it is becoming a strong habit.


Although it was also written in the book, although it takes a burden on the brain until it is customized,

The load of the brain gradually decreases as it is repeated.
In other words, it seems to be engraved on a part of the brain at an unconscious level.


Interesting is that it is easy to change habits if customs analyze the rhythm of mechanisms written above as a little "decision" to us and change the rewards and opportunities.


I thought that I would like to borrow various customs of people who think that they are good regardless of their work or private by reading this book.


It is a good book.



Part 1 Personal customs
· Mechanism of customs
· "Power to create customs"
· Technology for changing customs

Part 2 Customs of successful companies
· Miracle of Al Gore
· Starbucks and "Habits of Success"
· Crisis is a good opportunity
· Technology to buy

Part 3 Social technology
· Truth of civil rights movement
· Merits and demands of customs

Step 1: Identify routines
Step 2: Change rewards
Step 3: Change the chance
Step 4: Make a plan



習慣の力 The Power of Habit

習慣の力 The Power of Habit