Stats of My Life

「脳のパフォーマンスを最大まで引き出す 神・時間術 」読みました。(2017年33冊目)I read "God · Time skill to bring out the brain's performance to the utmost". (33th year of 2017)



脳のパフォーマンスを最大まで引き出す 神・時間術

脳のパフォーマンスを最大まで引き出す 神・時間術



























In order to enrich more work and private time,I thought that I could improve the time I was using every day.


As impressions I usually try and practice what I am doing
There was also a new discovery if there was.

For example,
· I think that it has a sense of time to concentrate on human beings (15 · 45 · 90 minutes' law)
You should schedule it to suit it.On the contrary, if time passes, it is better to put a rest


The time technique I am practicing normally

· Come to the company early in the morning and concentrate on work
· Exercise (once a week, but ...)
· Sleep early (going to bed at 11 o'clock)
· Try to live a regular life as much as possible
(Because it does not consume energy unnecessarily)


I thought about reading this book and practicing it further,

· Work with stopwatch
· Increase the number of exercises
· Decrease the amount of alcohol for a while

I just wrote this blog in 15 minutes using a stop watch.