Stats of My Life













Cech 7 - Produced a string of saves to stop Liverpool winning by a cricket score.

Holding 4 - Booked. Was left with third-degree burns after being scorched by Mane.

Koscielny 6 - Not even the skipper’s return could steady Arsenal’s rocky defence.

Monreal 4 - Wilted under the white heat of Liverpool’s almost-constant pressure.

Oxlade-Chamberlain 5 - Another victim of Mane in what could be his last Arsenal game.

Xhaka 4 - Booked. Was a virtual spectator at times as Liverpool bypassed him.


Ramsey 4 - Struggled to get a foot in against Liverpool’s rampant play.

Bellerin 5 - Lost the ball to Salah for Liverpool’s third and was poor.

Ozil 5 - Booked. Dragged a shot wide and can do better than this.

Welbeck 5 - Booked. Missed a good early chance when he shot over off balance.

Sanchez 5 - Pretty anonymous on his return and possibly farewell appearance.