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「シンプルに考える」読みました。(2017年7冊目)I read "Think simple". (7th year of 2017)





























❑ impressions


I often read it when I look back at my work, because it makes me realize that my work is not going in any way.

For example,

· Have you not wasted a meeting?
· Is not it the purpose of work to read the air in the workplace?
· Is not it somewhere annoying?
· Is not it a job to share information?
(Are you not doing productive activities?)
· Is the place where you are now able to feel growth? Or do you?
... etc


The most important thing to tell in this book

The essence of a company is "to keep making hit products". I think this is one point.


To practice this, people with passion and ability to respond to the needs of users regardless of age, employment history, and position, take the initiative. And strategy is also focused on keeping out a product of simple, high quality products earlier than anywhere else.


At first glance, that's right! It is content that I think is going to practice from tomorrow,
I think that it is a fact that it is quite unchanged unless we are working on the whole company as well as personal awareness reform.


If you really want to change, you need strong leadership.


I think that there is no restriction that this book is a venture because it is especially IT industry.
The contents which can be referred to by any company is written.


Considering the exception "But my company is different!
I think that he "is deciding that he can not do it".


I think that it is a wonderful book that gives me a chance to think about what I am doing for purpose or what I will do in the future while reading this book.


· As the proportion of people with wrong purpose increases, corporate culture begins to change
· Place yourself in a place where you can always experience growth
· You know the "happiness" when you get results
· Live by your own sensibility
· Reading the air in the workplace is the purpose of work
· There are many meetings as a bad company