Stats of My Life(おいしい人生を味わうために、コツコツとチャレンジしたことを書くブログ)

「面白い生き方をしたかったので仕方なくマンガを1000冊読んで考えた→そしたら人生観変わった」読みました。(2017年12冊目)"I wanted to do an interesting way of life so I had no choice but to read 1000 comic books → I thought about life" then I read it. (12th year of 2017)























服を着るならこんなふうに (1) (単行本コミックス)

服を着るならこんなふうに (1) (単行本コミックス)







It was content that understands how Mr. Horie influenced his thought and way of life from manga.


Of course, it is people who read manga and who likes which, but the point of view that Mr. Horie reads cartoons is what it says, rather than simply entertaining, the thought that "there is a place to learn? I will do.


I thought that I might be similar.


I think that it is a little regrettable because it is an introduction to manga, so I thought that it would be good if there were many illustrations.


Is there difficult copyright problem?


It was good that I could read the interesting cartoon that I have never read before reading this book. In particular I think I will read the following manga.


· Genius without glory

· If you wear clothes like this

· Master Keaton