Stats of My Life(おいしい人生を味わうために、コツコツとチャレンジしたことを書くブログ)

「知らないと恥をかく世界の大問題8 自国ファーストの行き着く先」読みました。(2017年46冊目)I read "I am shameful if I do not know the world's big problem 8 where my home country will arrive". (46th year of 2017)























【I see, I thought so;】


Post-truth is that people appeal to feelings and personal beliefs rather than objective facts I will tell you the situation that I believe.

In the US President Battle, people who are affected by fake news
It seems that there were many.

The usual ability of us to judge calmly whether it is a fact or not
I feel it is increasingly necessary.

Mr. Ikegami's book is based on recent and historical findings of recent news
A commentary is written.

It is recommended.



❏ China
· While America is facing inward, motivation to hold the world's initiative
- concentration of power to Xi Jinping advances

❏ Japan
· The Abe Government aims for the post war longest administration
· Self-Defense Force haste honorific words are possible
· The special law of the emperor abdication established

❏ Russia
· Economy relying on energy. Looking for a supplier of energy,
Explore new cooperative relationships
· Turkey and Russia 's rapid approach in the back of the Syrian ceasefire

❏ The United States will transfer the Israeli American Embassy to Jerusalem
Consideration. To Israel VS Arab fighter

❏ European countries
· The UK decided to withdraw from the EU. Will it break up or the EU as a whole?
Confusion continues as to which vector becomes stronger

❏ America
· Tramp President to overturn all Obama legacy
· American society with widening disparity

❏ Difference between Iran and Iraq
· Iran is a Persian country
· Iraq is an Arab country

· Capitalism to widen disparity if you leave it alone
· Economy is technology and wisdom to distribute missing goods
· Child poverty 1 out of 6 people
In poverty, the minimum necessary clothing, food and shelter is not enough to maintain life
"Absolute poverty" which is a state and the level which is regarded as "ordinary" in that country or region
A state in which less than half income is obtained