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「仕事の生産性はドイツ人に学べ」読みました(2017年61冊目)I read "Study the productivity of work with Germans" (61st issue in 2017)




















English Version


Vacations  takes 5-6 weeks a year, the daily overtime is limited,
Go home quickly and surround your dinner with your family. Such a way of working
While maintaining high productivity -


What has been learned by authors who have worked with such Germans for a long time
It is a written book.


What I thought was particularly good was about progress management on work
Is it difficult for authors to achieve their goals unless they check progress more regularly?


My boss's response to a question to my boss,


"From my position and standpoint, it is very easy to check carefully in detail.
But I will never do such pressure or control. Because, "why can not do"
It just comes up countless. What I want to know is how to move forward,
It is not a reason not to proceed. With such pressures employees do not morale. "


Because I had something to think about management a little
It was very helpful.


When reading this book, the Germans comply more rationally, assignments and rules than ours,Frugal and time management seem to be very long.


I felt there are plenty to learn.


It is recommended for those who want to review how to work.