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From the perspective of brain science, advice on improving habits is written.


Personally thinking that Mr. Tomobee is a big genius, will I first be a reference to myself?
I thought, but the structure of the brain was very helpful.

Specifically, the following points


· The brain basically has no interest in what I recognized even once
⇒ I think that memory is not good, because memory is a penance contrary to the nature of the brain, it is natural. If you try to memorize a sentence, try anticipating the next word to come up.
Even if I made a mistake, the advice of keeping expectations and keeping the memory while keeping the brain working well was very helpful.


· Sugar supplementation lie
It is meaningful to supplement glucose for the body. Because glucose is the fastest used for cell energy.

However, it is effective to make sugar for short-term energy, but if you take too much sugar it will be over calories.

Because I am not only the brain but the whole body that I am tired of going to work and studying for a long time
You just have to take a rest.


· Money gathers at the place of people who use it better than anyone else

⇒ If you can make something well using the same amount of money better than anyone else, and you can provide the service well, many others asking for it will appear in front of you with money I guess.


· Only information considered to be important to the brain becomes long-term memory
⇒ The brain is a failure drive type. Judging information on failure as very important


· When reading a book in the same field, you can read several books at the same time
⇒ By reading at the same time, the information processing speed of the brain increases


· When you get a lot of knowledge · experiences, the moment when the abstraction degree of human thinking goes up further comes


It is recommended for those who want to improve their brain structure and habits.
I was impressive that the above stories, memory stories and massive books and experiences raise the level of abstraction of my thinking.