Stats of My Life

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・tip off⇒to warn someone or give someone secret information about something
・keep one's eyes on⇒to keep looking at something with attention
・pull over⇒to move over to the side of the road and stop
・I sit shotgun⇒助手席に座る.
freak⇒someone who is extremely interested in a particular subject so that other people think they are strange or unusual
・roundabout⇒a raised circular area where three or more roads join together and which cars must drive around
・counterclockwise⇒in the opposite direction in which the hands of a clock move




I use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. I use these three. I use Facebook for official SNS for example connecting with business partners. Second, Twitter is for my hobbies, I watch them there. Lastly my Instagram is used for my hobby which is cooking. I take a picture of the food I cook, and upload it on Instagram.


Entirely, Japan has not developed a good growth for 20 years.

Basically, I think it's bad. Japan has increased its number of older people otherwise the birth rate is low.

For me, we change our minds. Basically Japanese people are negative. We must be positive. We must go abroad to study about economy more and more and we must do hard work.