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英語学習_NativeCamp_Log(5/17-5/23:1回 2020年36回 通算:217回)

  • 今週は1回しかできませんでした。。。
  • いくら忙しいとはいえ、1日30分も時間作れないのか?と言われれば
  • これは自分の惰性によるところが大きいです(_ _)






    • (A) The woman is folding up a piece of paper.


    • (B) A handbag is resting against the woman's hip.


    • (C) The woman is adjusting her reading glasses.


    • (D) A bench is being knocked over.


    • (A) A man is wheeling a cart through a crowd.


    • (B) A man is carrying a load of books.


    • (C) A man is walking along the edge of the path.


    • (D) A man is unloading boxes from a truck.


    • (B) The man is opening the lid.


    • (C) The man is cooking some food.

    • (D) The man is holding a dish.