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英語学習_NativeCamp_Log(8/2-8/8:3回 2020年69回 通算:250回)












    • What would I have to do?

    • I'd be pleased to help you.

    • Are you currently using a different firm?

    • Yes, Fisber Wireless. I don't have a contract with them, though.

    • I've subscribed through their month-to-month plan.

    • In that case, I believe we can start you almost right away.

    • I only need some basic details such as your residence and what type of telecom service you need.

    • The board of directors is planning a production increase next fiscal year.

    • Firstly, they want us to confirm we have enough space in our warehouses.

    • We're already at full capacity in those locations.

    • I can't see how we could use them to contain more inventory.

    • Well, we have to find a way, because we're anticipating much higher customer demand.

    • Higher production is to meet that demand.

    • In that case, I'll put a team together and we'll devise some potential solutions.

    • I'll e-mail them to you by Thursday.


  • 気がつけば250回NativeCampをしました!



  • 実りが出てくると嬉しいです。