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Taking care of office needs is easier than ever at Marky's, as we hold our Annual Autumn Sale.


For the next four weeks, we're offering special discounts on stationery, mobile phones, desktop and laptop computers and tablets.


Our knowledgeable and experienced staff can help business shoppers pick out the things they need at prices within their budgets.

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Welcome to The Thrifty Gourmet. Each week, we look at how you can create delicious meals on a tight budget. I'm your host, Sarah Leighton.

One of the best ways to cut down on your eating expenses

is to grow your own ingredients.

As long as you have a little space at home

you can grow your own herbs like basil and rosemary.

And if you have a garden, you can grow all kinds of tasty and nutritious vegetables.


I'm joined today by Daphne Manley, who keeps a garden where she raises many of the fresh ingredients for her restaurant.




ACD Manufacturing announced plans today to substantially change its business structure

in the process becoming more streamlined.

The firm will outsource the following departments, human resources, data management, and logistics.

The firm estimates it will save about 800 million euros a quarter through these changes.

Although some layoffs may be unavoidable,

the company stated that the plan is necessary for the benefit of its customers, shareholders, and remaining staff.

The structural changes should be complete by April 30,

with many of the outsourcing plans taking effect as early as April 10.

We've experienced a significant increase in payroll expenses over the last fiscal year.


This has reduced our operating profit


and forced us to consume a substantial amount of time, expense, and resources to recruiting.


To end this, we'll be working with Kanko Employment Services to meet our future staffing needs.