Stats of My Life(おいしい人生を味わうために、コツコツとチャレンジしたことを書くブログ)

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・The contract between the two companies will expire at the end of the year.



・Fears are growing that a tax increase may stall economic recovery.



・They threatened to downgrade my credit rating if I don’t pay the bill immediately.




There are two reasons.
First, a lot of companies are going out of business or are closing several of their branches. For example, several major clothing and supermarket brands are closing some of their stores due to a lack of customers.


Second, there are now way more people looking for jobs than what the job market can offer. For example, lots of people who have been let go by their employers due to COVID-19 are now looking for new jobs, and the number of job openings has plummeted because businesses don't need more workers right now.



There are two reasons.
First, most small businesses do not have enough savings to survive being closed for many months. For example, some of the small-businesses declared bankruptcy after being closed for six months.

Second, most small businesses rely on financial help from banks and other financial institutions. For example, most new businesses have loans to pay off, which is now a very difficult task due to the lack of income.