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How many people are expected to come to the accounting conference?

We're hoping for as many as possible.

(A) They're all highly respected accountants.
(B) We're hoping for as many as possible.
(C) Most of them will be industry professionals.


Did you make it to your appointment the other day?

(A) I'll do it later.
(B) Any day should be fine.
(C) I was just in time.


What type of job do you have at your consulting agency?

(A) Yes, I started a few weeks ago.
(B) I'm satisfied with most of the results.
(C) I analyze client business performance.


Can't I use this metro pass to ride the subway?

(A) We have a lot of pride in this design.
(B) Yes, I believe so.
(C) They're 10 euros each.


The main outlines of the IT project are still unclear.

(A) Then, let's go over them one more time.
(B) Yes, this pipeline clearly carries steam.
(C) For several reasons.


Wasn't the advertisement budget increased for this brand?

(A) Yes, I agree with all the travel plans.
(B) Most of the time.
(C) The board still hasn't made a decision on that.


Who showed you how to use this machine?

(A) It has to be done manually.
(B) The foreman, on my first day here.
(C) The sign said it's in use.


Why are so many extra tables and chairs set up in this room?

(A) There's going to be a meeting here soon.
(B) Yes, our market share is stable.
(C) You're right.