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Excuse me, I'm wondering if you could help me.

I bought this shirt here a few days ago,

but the top button has fallen off.

I can't wear a necktie because I can't button the shirt.

Can you help me?

I'm so sorry. We'd be happy to repair that.

We have tailoring staff who can sew that back on while you wait.

It'll only take a few minutes.

That's nice, but I didn't bring my receipt.

Do I need to show it to you?

That's unnecessary.

We'll perform the work complimentarily. Please have a seat.



Excuse me, I have a registered letter for James Baxter.

Is that you?

No, but I'm his assistant.

He's somewhere in the office, but he's away from his desk at the moment.

Can you leave it with me?

I'm only authorized to give the letter to Mr. Baxter himself.

I need his signature on this form.

Ah, I see. He mentioned that his bank was sending some documents to the office.

Let me give him a call on his mobile phone and see if he's nearby.


56. What were the results of the survey?

(A) Most of the respondents were very satisfied.
(B) Yes, I've got them right here.
(C) To assess the quality of the service.

57. Are you responsible for conducting the safety training?

(A) It's conducted twice a year.
(B) No, that's Mr. Gilbert's job.
(C) To make sure the guidelines are followed.

58. Who was appointed to head the committee?

(A) The commission is 15 percent.
(B) I haven't heard.
(C) A day ahead of schedule.

59. Who'll be in charge of our department after Joe Sims leaves?

(A) I think Rita Moore will take over.
(B) The summer leaves are wonderful.
(C) I'm pretty sure that's true.

60. This is the laboratory where we develop many of our medical devices.

(A) Yes, the story had an interesting plot.
(B) It certainly looks impressive.
(C) I'll get it down from the shelf for you.