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It's great to see that all of our hard work has finally paid off.



Try to communicate your ideas more effectively.



This book marks the novelist's first foray into nonfiction.



He perceived the question as a threat to his authority.



Amazon To Open Its First Clothing Store in California

Instead of competing with malls, Amazon, the online retail giant, plans to move into one. The company's first clothing store will open in California in 2022 and sell men’s and women’s clothing and shoes.


This foray into brick-and-mortar sales could become another threat to traditional clothing sellers. Amazon currently sells more than 10 percent of all clothes in the U.S. Amazon’s footwear and clothing sales in the U.S. increased by about 15 percent in 2020 to more than $41 billion.


The store will only be around 2,787 square meters. However, it will offer more than double the styles of traditional stores because only one piece of clothing will be displayed while the rest are stored in the back room. Amazon will use millions of online customers' feedback to choose the items displayed.


Shoppers at the brick-and-mortar Amazon Style store can browse items on display and scan a QR code to see sizes and colors. They can send clothing directly to the store’s counter or fitting rooms. Once in fitting rooms, customers can use a touchscreen to request other items.


Amazon has reimagined the fitting room and turned it into a personalized shopping space.