Stats of My Life(おいしい人生を味わうために、コツコツとチャレンジしたことを書くブログ)

世の中の大きな事件は「損得勘定」から〜本感想(2017年1冊目「お金の流れで探る現代権力史 「世界の今」が驚くほどよくわかる 」大村 大次郎(著) )





























When reading this book and understanding the big world affair globally it turned out that the viewpoint of "loss of accounts" is indispensable.


After thinking carefully, trying to get to the point of committing a war eventually is like something that can not replace belly bellows, for example money and resources.


Even though the world seems to be peaceful when the money and power game with Russia, Europe, China and the Middle East is the center, mainly in the United States, fierce fighting underwater fighting is done.


In the future as China increases its momentum more and more, we are asked what kind of behavior the Japanese should do.


Personally, these books were interesting when I read this book.

· The masterpiece of "Tax · Haven" which was becoming a hot topic recently
· Conflicts of hegemony in the key currency (pound ⇒ dollar)
· Oil resource dispute
· Cause of debt in Japan


Especially for Japanese debts, shamefully up to 1000 trillion yen cause of debt increase
I did not know.


However, reading this book was actually scaly from the eye knowing that it was caused by ☓☓ (please read this book).


Was it written in the newspaper read everyday? I think that you probably do not specify it (maybe you can not do?).


Therefore, we felt that we should know that it is not understand the essence in the case of content that clear clear "loss account" can not be seen even in economic news which we usually see.


In order to learn the world, I felt I could do a deeper understanding with a flow of money as a set.

Although it is a modern history that seemingly is difficult, this book is very clearly written.


If you are interested, I recommend reading one.