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「気力より体力 一流のコンディションを手に入れる」読みました。(2017年4冊目) I got "I got top-notch physical condition better than my strength" and I read it. (4th in 2017)


気力より体力 一流のコンディションを手に入れる

気力より体力 一流のコンディションを手に入れる
















































I had it on the bookshelf of the company, so I borrowed it and read it.


As an impression, I was surprised even myself, but the author's The idea that "If you do not raise physical strength, energy and intellect do not rise"
Many things that are exactly the same with me and that are similar to what I practice.


How many people manage the body properly?


It is a view of my narrow friend relationship, but among the people I have met so far
I think that "10%" does not exist for people who are managing and doing it.


Conversely speaking, the workers were able to get out of the work well.


In my 20s, my boss drinking party late at night (until morning), more than 13 hours a day (often staying at a company)There was a person who could do a great job.


However, I feel that the members below the boss often got tired of getting tired in the long run.
(Still I think that it was those who worked hard because I was a young member)


Also, looking back on the myself at that time, it seems that the productivity of the work was bad simply by "being in the company for a long time"

I was not able to notice.
(It may seem like I was making a contribution by staying in a company for a long time.)


Now, thanks to having experienced with the superiors who are doing their physical condition management properly and producing results
Exercise, diet, sleep is a custom of the following behaviors.


· Futsal at the weekend
·Muscle training

· Bento (snack) in the daytime
· If you go for a drink, you will participate only until the first meeting
· Alcohol is a basic weekend

· Weekday also goes to bed by 23 o'clock
· Saturday and Sunday as well as weekdays go to bed at 23 o'clock


Originally, because I thought that I did not want to lower the productivity of work on weekdays because I felt sick,

I think that it has been possible to lower the probability of causing poor physical condition for a while.


Also recently not only for "for work" but "I want to play at weekends with full power"
Every day, I have come to think that I want to get thorough and well prepared for my physical condition.


Since I was a human being who used to say commonplace in the past, I thought how to enrich my private less
I did not have it.


However, it is very important to clearly switch between ON (work) and OFF (private)


As we can have this way of thinking,

For example

In the past, at the weekend some people brought home computers for the company and returned an e-mail even though the degree of urgency was not high.


From a worker's point of view, it may be said that "I am doing my best at work."
But now I'm changing from negative to negative thinking "Why do not you do it on week days?"


Sometimes, you may work for a long time in the game,
If not, I think that it is good to have a way of thinking "I will improve my work because my private is full".

"Protect your own body yourself"

Ultimately, I think that deciding whether to manage the body depends on whether I have this strong intention or not.


気力より体力 一流のコンディションを手に入れる

気力より体力 一流のコンディションを手に入れる