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ロマサガ2をクリアしてみた(cleared Romasaga 2)











































❑ Impressions

Finally, finally, I was able to clear Romasaga 2.


First of all, clearing was impossible unless we saw the capture site as a prerequisite for clearing.

 At first, I was advancing without looking at the capture site, but on the way


· I can not find a hidden door
· If the boss fight also does not master the avoidance technique, you can not beat it unless you know the weak point


The two major problems such as occurred, we could not help relying on the capture site.


Of course, even when reading the capture site, there were times when the enemy character was annihilated many times, and he was playing with "dandruff difficult game and spirit!"


A user who has cleared when reading the Romasaga 2 related site, among all the players,


"Less than 10%"


It is said that. To that extent, there were things that were extremely emotionful, as I kept continuing many times when I cleared.


There are a few points of deviation, but I think that I can not win unless I have a proper technique or avoidance technique, especially when playing against Rasubosu.

It did not collect rare items, but it took about 47 hours to clear. I think that person who spent considerable time as RPG.


Looking at Romasaga 2 in Amazon reviews, evaluation is very high. I believe there are three reasons for that.


1. Battle system is outstanding


I think the system where the enemy becomes strong is really well done. Because it will not be able to win with a simple battle, we will inevitably think about how to go from selecting a character to acquiring skills and arts, and to the formation.


2. BGM is good


Among the games that I've played a lot, I do not remember memorable background music? Overall, any BGM is nice, but BGM is very good when fighting with an enemy, especially when tension is transmitted.


3. High degree of freedom


You can capture from the area of ​​your choice until the final boss event, there are various events such as weapons and armor development, university construction, avalon tree, synthetic art development etc.


Also, as Roma Saga 2 is called the throne succession system, the main character changes when clearing a specific event, so I think that the pleasure of considering a party each time is the most attractive Romasaga.


If you are interested, please try playing.