Stats of My Life

「この世で一番の奇跡 」読みました。(2017年20冊目)I read "The No.1 Miracle in the World". (20th year of 2017)































It is a so-called self-enlightenment book.


I want this book to be taken in my hands when I think it is hard.
I think there is something that echoes.


What I thought was important in "Message from God" written in this book


"I try to exceed my limit"

It is two.


For those who lose confidence by focusing too much on comparisons with other people or failure experiences,

For the latter, I think that there is something to learn about this book for people who have not changed the current situation (it may be only unchanged).


And it was written in this book, but read the message from God described in this book 100 days before going to bed every night.


I believe that if we can permeate our own subconscious level by repeating, it will surely change thinking, action, habits will change and different results will come out.

Actually, to be honest, since I have read such books from long ago, or because I am self-confident that I am able to practice / realize now,


"Yeah, I knew."


I think that there are many contents that I think is growing, I feel today is around this time.


· Entering beautiful and correct positive thoughts and ideas or planting it will harvest positive things.
· Tenacity is one of the most important secret of success
- Most of us make a prison that can confine ourselves. After living in it for a certain period of time, you will become accustomed to the walls of the prison and accept the false premise that life is such. It will be tormented by living death. Such a life is a rebellion against the faith that the creator planted in you.
· The lack of self-esteem leading people to failure is always a universal disease caused by a complex of anxiety, consciousness of sin, feeling of inferiority