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「ビットコイン入門(著:小田玄紀)」読みました。(2018年6冊目) "Bit coin introductory (author: Oda Genki)" I read. (6th in 2018)


































ビットコイン取引高日本一の仮想通貨取引所 coincheck bitcoin


❏ Impression

I am interested in virtual currency and read it.


The difference from the currency was written clearly and I did not know that for the store side the virtual currency is less expensive than the customer paying with credit card.


In addition, if overseas remittance is virtual currency, if it is the virtual currency that fee is taken high if passing through the current bank, I think that it is a great merit that it is cheap.


In particular, I think that remittance to families will be much easier for those who are going abroad.


It is subtle whether it fits neatly, but roughly summarizing the understanding of the virtual currency by themselves as follows.


· Virtual currency is the currency managed on the network (= does not exist in actual)

· Block chain is a technology that connects transaction data of sending and receiving of each individual by time zone (block). This is called mining.

The transaction data of each individual secures the accuracy of the data. Therefore, it is very difficult to tamper with data of tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands (almost impossible)

· Each virtual currency has its own characteristics, there are currencies handled by exchanges and currencies that are not.

· Being treated at exchanges means that buying and selling occurs against the currency


As not understood yet


· Why is compensation paid for mining? What happens if mining does not do anyone?

(Since it does not know the technology of mining, it is nothing, but is it not possible with automatic program?)

· Although it is said that electricity cost will be applied to mining calculation for large processing calculation, is it a case that applies to virtual currency in general?

· How is the upper limit of issue volume fixed?

· About 1000 kinds or more? Although it is said that there is a virtual currency, why create currency so much?

... etc


I do not know what I do not understand, but I would like to study with another book.

As an introduction, it is easy to understand it is recommended.