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36. I think we should start the presentation.

(A) It arrived just in time.
(B) Shouldn't we wait for Mr. Tang?
(C) I'm meeting with them on Thursday.


37. Naomi isn't back from the store yet, is she?

(A) She's on her way here now.

(B) It's just for storage.
(C) No, I didn't know that.


38. Why is the front entrance blocked off?

(A) It's behind the reception desk.
(B) The doors are being replaced.
(C) Each team gets one entry.


39. What's the final stop for this express bus?

(A) That would be Amber Station.

(B) Bus 18, to Princeton.
(C) Yes, you expressed the idea well.


40. Where's the new bus station going to be built?

(A) There are two sites under consideration.

(B) It was completed over a year ago.
(C) I usually drive to work.


41. I'd like to book a room for three nights.

(A) Let me just check our availability.
(B) I'll read it later.
(C) They paid in advance.


42. When will Cheryl inform the customers about the delay?

(A) I'm not sure what her plans are.
(B) That's kind of you to say.
(C) It was very informative.


43. This lunch is not very appealing.

(A) It's on your calendar for tomorrow.
(B) Yes, on the third floor.
(C) Maybe we should use a different caterer next time.


44. What type of batteries does this device take?

(A) They're pretty good, considering the price.
(B) I'll have a look at the instructions.
(C) It'll take the rest of the day, I suppose.


45. How often do the team leaders meet?

(A) Only when there's a problem.
(B) They're planning to combine the projects.
(C) I haven't changed them yet.


46. The items stocked on these shelves seem very disordered.

(A) Sorry, I'll rearrange them.

(B) Yes, I invest in stocks myself.
(C) We can wait until Friday.


47. Aren't you e-mailing the invitation?


(A) They're in the warehouse.

(C) We held it at a hotel last year.


48. How long will we have to wait for the next bus to the downtown area?

(A) Not long.

(B) Yes, it leaves every 15 minutes.
(C) I know, it's on the way.


49. You've submitted a travel expense report before, haven't you?

(A) Quite a few times, actually.

(B) Yes, I have seen her recently.
(C) I plan to visit Portugal in the spring.


50. Where can I sign up for the electronics seminar?

(A) I can help you.

(B) Yes, the sign right above your car.
(C) Anytime you feel ready to do so.