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up to、due to、are to、 turn to



Attention all staff, the weather service has issued a blizzard warning for the Somersby area this evening.


They are forecasting more than a foot of snow overnight,


along with winds of up to 50 miles per hour.


The blizzard is expected to hit between 4 and 5 P.M.,

so, we will be closing the office two hours early today, at 3 P.M. sharp.


We urge everyone to return home immediately.

Due to the strong winds, there is a risk of trees falling,

and driving conditions will be extremely hazardous due to icy streets and poor visibility.


We'll be going into the Lavton Institute in just a few minutes.

You'll see how well - equipped we are to train students in software programming, medical technology, office management, and other in-demand areas.


During the tour of our campus today,


everyone in our group will have a chance to get a close look at the kind of facilities available to registered students.


We'll see the library, computer lab, hardware testing room, and of course the cafeteria and lounge.


We'll start the tour now,


but please feel free to stop or interrupt me at any time if anything is unclear.





Welcome to Chef Chat. I'm your host, Fatima Dunlop. This week I'm delighted to have Tyson Fry.

Chef Chatへようこそ。私はあなたのホスト、ファティマダンロップです。今週はTyson Fryを迎えることができてうれしい。

Tyson studied in Paris and worked for some of France's top chefs before returning to England and opening his own restaurant, Brio.

He ran Brio successfully for 20 years until he sold it two years ago.

These days, he hosts the popular TV show Fry Cooking


and has published a series of acclaimed cookbooks.


Now he has turned to fiction.

Out next week, his debut novel, Best Served Cold, is a mystery set in London's restaurant world.


I'll be right back after a short commercial break to ask Tyson about his new book and remarkable career.