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21. Why haven't we heard from accounting?


(A) They'll probably call any minute now.
(B) It's right over there.
(C) Let's count it again, just in case.


22. Should we purchase or lease the equipment?

(A) No, we need new machines.
(B) Why don't we buy what we need?
(C) I'll put in a cancellation request.


23. How did Ms. Donaldson suggest we handle the situation?


(A) We'll be sitting close to the stage.
(B) I'll hand it in as soon as I can.
(C) She wants us to just keep waiting.


24. Is your department going to meet its quarterly performance goals?


(A) I will, thanks.
(B) The meeting is going quite well.
(C) I believe so.


25. What's the fastest way to go from the hotel to the trade district?


(A) I passed a very strict exam.
(B) It shouldn't take you more than an hour.
(C) If I were you, I'd take the tram.


May I ask who is calling, please?


(A) May I speak to Carolyn Singh?
(B) Mr. Riddle of SoftMore Industries.
(C) To change my reservation.


How long is our coffee break?

(A) There's nothing wrong with these copies.
(B) About 15 minutes.
(C) Up to Page 42.


Which department uses the meeting room the most?

(A) A lot more than I thought.
(B) We always clean the room before we leave.
(C) Finance spends the most time in there.


I'm behind on a project, so I have to stay at the office late.

(A) Could I help you out with it?
(B) Yes, that's the official rate.
(C) Thanks, I'll do that.


I forgot what time the lecture begins.


(A) Not until four.
(B) You can use mine.
(C) We can't wait that long.