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人を動かす 新装版

人を動かす 新装版













❏ Impression


As my knowledge as impressions of this book is that many people often have a lot of work to do, in spite of having deep expertise in business, engineering, etc., for example, in order to obtain great results alone I understood that it was "missing."


As for what is missing, I realized how important it is to have the people around me move pleasantly (written as brain power in this book).


Although that method is written in this book, I felt that not only deep insight on what each one is asking for again, but also ability to objectively analyze the behavior of one's own .



· Severe accusations and crimes are totally futile
· Have no malice against anyone and be compassionate to everyone
· Become an expert who praise people
· Make attention to that person's own mistake so that the person wants to cooperate instead of rebellion
· Handle people as you would like them to deal with
· The motivation at the deepest place in humanity is a strong desire to be recognized
· Stop talking about how wonderful you are, make good points of your opponent
Praise from the bottom of my heart
· Do not say noisy little sayings. Do not try to find fault with small things
· Let's respect the happiness of each person without trying to make people as expected
· It is said that judgment, credibility, and experience cultivated only by age
Please do not lose confidence