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英語学習_NativeCamp_Log(5/24-5/30:5回 2020年41回 通算:222回)









基本中の基本である、The と aですらきちんと聞き取れないことがあります。。。






    • 1. How many people are expected to come to the accounting conference?

    • (B) We're hoping for as many as possible.

    • 2. Did you make it to your appointment the other day?

    • (C) I was just in time.

    • 3. What type of job do you have at your consulting agency?

    • (C) I analyze client business performance.



      • A) The riders are inspecting the tires.

      • (B) A crew is replacing the bricks.

      • (C) A bicycle is leaning against a bench.

      • (D) Cyclists are riding in a line.

      • (A) She's raising one of her knees.

      • (B) She's tying up the package.

      • (C) She's skating on the outdoor rink.

      • (D) She's reading a book on the bench.

      • (A) The street is being repainted.

      • (B) Vehicles are being sold.


      • Picture 10

      • (A) People are reaching out of the windows.

      • (B) A trolley is approaching the crossing.

      • (C) Passengers are boarding the train.

      • (D) The train is arriving at a station.

      • PICTURE11

      • (A) They're reaching across the table.

      • (B) They're hanging pictures on the wall.

      • hanging

      • (C) They're entering a showroom.

      • (D) They're playing a game indoors.

      • PICTURE 12

      • (A) The passengers are boarding the plane.

      • (B) The tourists are inside the boat terminal.

      • (C) The vessel is docked at the pier.

      • (D) A fence has been installed alongside the pool.

      • PICTURE 13

      • (A) A woman is opening a bottle.

      • (B) A woman is pouring a drink.

      • (C) A woman is wiping the counter.