Stats of My Life(おいしい人生を味わうために、コツコツとチャレンジしたことを書くブログ)

英語学習_NativeCamp_Log(6/14-6/20:4回 2020年55回 通算:236回)




Teacher : What were the results of the survey?

Student : Most of the respondents were very satisfied.



Teacher : Are you responsible for conducting the safety training?

Student : No, that's Mr. Gilbert's job.

 responsible for が聞き取れなかったです。


Teacher : Who'll be in charge of our department after Joe Sims leaves?

Student : I think Rita Moore will take over.



51. Why weren't the clients told about these schedule changes?

(C) They should have received an e-mail last week.

 weren't 部分が聞き取れなかった


52. What's the deadline for us to turn in this project to Ms. Garcia?

(C) No later than the end of next week.

 turn in 部分が聞き取れなかった


53. Where is the new employee orientation going to be held?

(C) I'll find out for you.



54. Why are the visitors still waiting at reception?

(C) Mr. Yang is running late.

 at reception のatの聞き取りができなかった。


55. How much is it to park in this garage for the entire day?

(B) Probably about 45 dollars.

 park in this garage 部分がきちんと言えなかった。


The items stocked on these shelves seem very disordered.

(A) Sorry, I'll rearrange them.

these shelves が thisに聞こえてしまいました。


Aren't you e-mailing the invitation?

B) I thought you were in charge of that.




How long will we have to wait for the next bus to the downtown area?

(A) Not long.

 have to waitが聞き取れなかった。


You've submitted a travel expense report before, haven't you?

(A) Quite a few times, actually.

 You'veの’ve 部分が聞き取れなかった。